Finding Whats Hot

Finding Whats Hot

Food, Glorious Food

Food Glorious Food!


I’m a foody. There’s no doubt about it. There’s that good old adage, “Some people eat to live, others live to eat”. Well I definitely fall into the category of the latter.


After traveling the world and putting my face into every cuisine you can imagine, it’s refreshing to come home to such a multicultural country where those foods you just ate while traveling, are being cooked up fresh and flavoursome just around the corner.


Now obviously there’s that whole calories in, calories out balance that has to be maintained, but I love my exercise too so that makes eating whatever I want a whole lot easier and even more enjoyable.


For a foody in North Queensland, you have an endless amount of options right at the tip of your tongue. To eat your way through all the amazing cafés and restaurants on offer for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner would take you a year!! That’s not even mentioning all the in between options. Brunch, afternoon tea, tapas and cocktails….I’m salivating as I’m writing this!


So I guess you’re asking…”What’s your go to?”


Well, I hate to disappoint you but there’s not just one. You see I’m quite a mood eater. I do quite often crave savoury over sweet tho. Do I want a nice big comfort food meal like Steak and Ribs with hot chips, gravy and vege, or maybe something light such as fresh seafood, salad and a glass of bubbles. Or maybe I want to take my taste buds on a tour of the world and delve into the plethora of international cuisines on offer in our little city. Indian, Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern, South American, Central American, Thai, French, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish… name the continent, we’ll show you the restaurant.


I do love my breakfast. I love that energy boost that kick starts your day with a nice big brekky. And if it’s an appetite that needs to be quashed, I’m going to Lillipad Café in Cairns City. O…M…G!! The brekky burritos are amazing and massive! Wash that down with one of their delicious and healthy fresh juices and there’s nothing in that day that you can’t punch in the face like a boss!


But not all appetites are created equal and if it’s something a little lighter that’s going to start your day off well, treat yourself to brekky with a view. Wharf One Café on the waterfront is one of Cairns’ little gems. With delicious coffee and mouth-watering treats for breakfast and lunch, this will definitely not disappoint. Enjoy stunning views across the Cairns Inlet with a beautiful mountain backdrop as the caffeine flows through your body, preparing you for the day ahead.


Burgers….I LOVE burgers!! And do I have a show stopper for you! Whether you’re hungover and needing a burger as big as your face to cure everything that hurts in your life, or you just want that little somethin somethin to live on the edge of naughty but nice eating, go no further than the Apex Milk Bar. These guys have the burger for you. If you’re a connoisseur of the burger, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re not a burger lover, you’ll become a convert. For the show stopper, visit on a Tuesday evening…..


There’s one thing for sure, you’ll not be disappointed by the abundance of amazing restaurants and cafes we have for you. There’s plenty of options for all budgets and all taste buds. Come to Cairns…..get your eat on!!


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