Finding Whats Hot

Finding Whats Hot

Adrenalin Lives Here

Here I stand.

50 metres above the water below me, although it feels higher, as I am already immersed above the trees overlooking the Cairns skyline from the drive up here.

A wooden panel, some straps, and a whole bunch of rubber band-like strings are all that stand between me and the blank air.

It feels a lot higher up here from at the bar where I'd been drinking minutes earlier. Really high. I'm not sure I can do this.

"Are you ready?" asks the jump attendant. Of course I'm not ready. I feel sick, I actually might throw up. Lucky it's a lagoon-like water hole below me and not the bar.....

I know he won't push me. Not just because he's friendly, but because it's one of AJ Hackett's policy - to jump, you must be ready. You must do it yourself.

I look out to the horizon and I decide; if I'm going to die, I might as well go out sounding pretty awesome. So I put my game face on. I smile, and I say confidently: "Mate, I was born ready."

Then I launch myself over the edge, and I've completely lost all of my cool because I am screaming a sound so loud that I didn't even know I was capable of. Only when you're truly scared does that scream come from deep down in your lungs. 

The ground rush is immense, as the water comes rushing towards me, but I don't hit it. The bungy chord springs in to action and I'm flying on my way back up towards the tower. But now it's fun. Oh wow, is it fun. 

Up and down I bounce until another member of the jump crew is pulling me down on to a raft as my whole body shakes with excitement and adrenalin.

But there's no question about what I have to do next.

I want.... no, I need, to do that again.

So off I go. Next thing I know, I've gone and got myself a local's pass so I can enjoy cheap jumps all year round. You see, once you become addicted, there's more that you need to do. Backwards. Elevator. Frieking doing a run-up and jump off the roof of the bungy tower, just to get that little bit more height. When I need a different type of thrill - a different fall - I'm up on the Minjin Swing.

But that's not all we come for, the vibe at AJ Hackett's is electric. We enjoy a few drinks, good food, and some live music on Sundays at the bar. I can only put the exciting atmosphere down to the buzz of all the jumpers, whether they've just returned from a jump or they're about to head on up, either way - I love it.

It's a completely different rush to skydiving. I've also been lucky enough to skydive over the beaches of NQ, overlooking islands that fringe the Great Barrier Reef. Still equally as thrilling, but a totally different falling sensation. If you're trying to decide which is best for you, I can't tell you. All I can say is do both. You won't regret either.

But if the sky isn't where you belong, head up to the sensational Tully River and go White Water Rafting! Not only will you get to experience the beautiful lush rainforest from a raft but you will make new friends, find yourself under waterfalls, jump off rocks in to the refreshing water below, and of course tame the white water rapids of the Tully. It's a full day adventure and to be honest, I've probably never laughed so hard or so much in a day as I did the first time I hit those rapids. Watching my mates get flung overboard (with a cheeky push every now and then) then get carried off down the river while trying to swim against the tide back to the raft is one of my favourite North Queensland memories.

And hey, if you'd rather do something a little more low key like, I don't know, go scale the outside of a building or zip-line over a massive Saltwater Crocodile, you can always head to Cairns Zoom at the Reef Hotel Casino!

So get that heart racing and the adrenalin pumping, there's a thrillseeker's playground at your fingertips here in Cairns.

(Side note: Excuse the photo quality - they were from my original jump & raft back in 2005)!

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- Sarah